Existing Site Optomization

What is "Optomization"?

Site optomization simply means that we modify and existing (usually older) site, to improve its presence and visability on the web. According to google there are over 3.5 Billion searches every day(2012), and trillions of results for those searches.  This matters because if your site is not optomized for google then chances are your site will be buried under other sites or not even listed when someone searches. Here is some more data to drive the point home:

SEO statistics
This shows the importance of optomizing for searches

This tells that it is very important to show up on page 1, and that we cannot achieve the disred results with paid ads. So what can we do? well it starts with making sure the structure of your site is suited to optomization, and if it is, then we will assist you in generating content relevant to your business that will generate the all important organic search results. So if you are interested in aking sure people do not miss your site during searches, give us a call!