The importance of updates

Its an all to common story, you go into the office, ready to start your busy day of exploiting the proletariat, maybe you are so excited you even started oppressing in the go to start your computer and you are met with the all to familiar advesary of the morning, Windows needs to update AGAIN, but you have work to do, so you do what any busy person does, you click postpone.

Sorry, 10 Years isn't an option...

Sadly, this is not the appropriate reaction. Most people don't realise those updates are how microsoft, or any software company for that matter, keeps you safe and your computer secure.  In todays world hackers are constantly finding exploits in codes that allow them to access things they shouldn't access. Most of the time the software companies are not to blame, the hackers are like thieves, constantly testing and probing for a way to get in. These updates are often fixing those exploits, meaning they are closing those holes the hackers have found, or updating virus definitions based on the latest information. This is extrremely important, and should not be ignored for days at a time.

The best practice for this situation is to configure your computer to perform the neccessary updates while you or your employees will not be in the office. This can generally be done for both operating systems and anti virus software, but many other software companys also have a way to do this. It may take time to configure all the computers this way, but it is vital that your computers maintain these updates to protect your network and your computers.