Today, lets address your the browser you use to access content on the internet, to start, lets just get this out of the way right now...Internet Explorer( or edge now) , absolutly SUCKS, and you need to replace it.  This may not seem like something that matters, maybe you have been using it for years and why change? One good reason is performance, IE performs horribly, like a legless tapdance one might say..but to give an example, many websites these are written using CSS, browsers have standards that interpret that code into style elements on a page, such as color , or shapes etc.  Well, most browsers do anyways, IE is written in such a way that it often ignores CSS written and displays pages without it.  Another reason is security, Google Chrome detects malware on sites at a much better rate then IE by miles, keeping you from accidently downloading content from illicit or comprimised sites...But to really sum it up here, take a look at this detailed graphic, wich perfectly sums it up