Why you should change to cloud based software

Imagine its a busy day at the office, customers are happy, money is rolling in, and you are twirling your mustache and kicking back on the backs of the working class (that was a joke, their backs are bony and make poor foot rests), anyways, one of you employees tells you they are having system problems, nothing unusual in todays world. Maybe the point of sale software has stopped running, or maybe they can't access patient images. So to resolve the problem, you do what one always does in this situation, restart the server in kept in a dark corner of the office, amid a tangle of cords and nightmares...only this time when you start the server back up you get a warning, then something like this:

Blue screen with error messages










This is from an all to common windows Server 2003 crash, and often times, given the age of the system, it is not coming back, and if it does its going to be a while..if you have an IT person who can work on it, you are still looking at days of downtime.

If you are a business owner, or office manager..or maybe even just an office employee chances are you have dealth with this exact situation or you have come dangerously close, the good news is, its 2016 and we can move past this now, through the use of cloud based software and storage. Cloud based software essentially is what it sounds like, software run entirely off the internet, any data is uploaded to a secure location, in case of any local failures, the data can be downloaded at any time and office operations can continue

Understandably, changing over can be scary and time consuming, not aided by the fact that many legacy software providers will fight tooth and nail to make sure you don't stop using their product. But the benifits you enjoy make it a worthwile endeavor. Access to data anywhere at any time, secure storage that makes for knox look like a joke, constant backups without any downtime, and the peace of mind that comes with being able to restart everything and still run your business are just a few of the benifits that come with this..also we promise the cloud does not look like the Mother Brain image in the thumbnail..although it would be cool if it did...