Windows XP: A security Risk

    Over 181 million companies operate on Windows XP today and not without good reason. XP was long one of the best operation systems out there, and made operating a business much easier.  Now, however, XP has become a huge security risk for companies still using the software due to its lack of support from microsoft these past two years. How much of a risk? Well, according to Microsoft Windows XP is 469% more prone to infection than Windows 8. If you are running an office with Windows XP, this means your a looking at a HUGE vulnerability in your securit. Here's a visiual to help drive the point home:

Chart showing infection rates
*This shows the latest available data from Microsoft, the red is XP

So what does this mean for you, exactly? Well, if your network is infected it could mean that you are sending out spam from hackers, or it could also mean that any private data or information (such as customer contact information, or patient records) you want secure on the system is vulnerable to hackers. Thankfully, upgrading your office to a current OS can be relatively painless if you have the right expertise. So give us a call if you are sill using XP and we can give you an idea of what it will take to upgrade in terms of downtime and expense.