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The importance of updates

Its an all to common story, you go into the office, ready to start your busy day of exploiting the proletariat, maybe you are so excited you even started oppressing in the car...you go to start your computer and you are met with the all to familiar advesary of the morning, Windows needs to update AGAIN, but you have work to do, so you do what any busy person does, you click postpone.

Why you should change to cloud based software

Imagine its a busy day at the office, customers are happy, money is rolling in, and you are twirling your mustache and kicking back on the backs of the working class (that was a joke, their backs are bony and make poor foot rests), anyways, one of you employees tells you they are having system problems, nothing unusual in todays world. Maybe the point of sale software has stopped running, or maybe they can't access patient images.

Windows XP: A security Risk

    Over 181 million companies operate on Windows XP today and not without good reason. XP was long one of the best operation systems out there, and made operating a business much easier.  Now, however, XP has become a huge security risk for companies still using the software due to its lack of support from microsoft these past two years. How much of a risk? Well, according to Microsoft Windows XP is 469% more prone to infection than Windows 8.